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Trusti Tuber drench

Trusti Tuber drench

Trusti Tuber drench 2 in 1 Starters package


Contents Starter Package:

- Bottle

- Lid with Peach Teat

- Hose with mouthpiece and cap


The Trusti Tuber;

A unique new colostrum feeding set!


The design ensures that the calf's drenches are safer, easier and more comfortable for the calf. It makes feeding faster and with less stress for both calf and farmer.


The Trusti Tuber starter kit, made by Antahi in New Zealand, consists of a nozzle that fits comfortably against the calf's muzzle, through which a soft flexible tube is passed. The length of the tube can be changed with the help of calf size markers and a stopper for optimal placement.


The mouthpiece and the tube are easily held in the mouth of the calf with one hand. With the other hand, the 4-liter ergonomic milk bottle can be held up to allow the colostrum or electrolytes in the tube to flow safely into the stomach of the calf.


The Trusti-Tuber has a clip on the side of the bottle to attach the nozzle and keep it off the floor, and the transparency of the tube allows better cleaning.


The Trusti Tuber was developed in New Zealand by veterinarian Ursula Haywood. She noticed that farmers were often reluctant with drenching in calves. This due to the additional stress and possible misplacement of the tube / drench.


The tests showed that the Trusti Tuber was able to reduce almost half of the time required for feeding and reduced the behavioral symptoms of stress by 88%.


The Trusti Tuber has been developed to solve problems related to calf safety, calf comfort and usability with traditional esophagus feeds. Make feeding comfortable for the calf and easy for you with the Trusti Feeder!


The Trusti Tuber makes feeding calves easy. It is simple to hold it in place with one hand and saves time and effort and can be used for calves up to 200 kg.


1) Position the mouthpiece so that the round guard ring fits comfortably against the nose of the calf. Hold the mouthpiece and the chin with one hand to easily guide the probe.

2) Slide the flexible probe through the mouthpiece so that it is safely inserted into the esophagus.

3) Raise the bottle so that the liquid starts to flow. Note that the head and neck of the calf remain above the stomach. Make sure that the probe does not come out of the esophagus when fluid is being introduced.



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