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Pipe Feeder Lely Cosmix

Pipe Feeder Lely Cosmix

Pipe feeder suitable for Lely Cosmix

Replacement for Rotary Drive A3, A4 and A5, 9.1138.0550.6 


This concentrate dosing system with its revolutionary design guarantees more peace in the stable,  quicker milking sessions and lower concentrate consumption. The PipeFeeder fits in perfectly with the dairy farmers' target of lower concentrate costs.


Robust and noise-free

The big advantage of the PipeFeeder over other dosing units is that it does its job in silence. The PipeFeeder is noiseless and compact, due to the unique 3- in-1 concept (storage, dispenser and fall pipe). Through the unique working of the feeder, the fall height is decreased to a minimum and therefore feed drops directly into the manger. The PipeFeeder is virtually noise-free and there is less dust.


Non-spilling feeder

The PipeFeeder non-spilling dosing unit ensures, that cows will no longer bump the dispenser. The stock of feed is located in the robust stainless steel pipe of the dosing unit along with an ingenious dosing system that can accurately release quantities such as 50 grams, depending on the chosen system. This means your cows get exactly the amount of concentrate they need to let down their milk. More and more dairy farmers are recognising the urgent need to respond to rising concentrate costs, and precise feeding in the milking stall meets this need. The PipeFeeder excels in durability, simplicity and precision.


For effortless dispensing of unpressed raw materials!

Non-homogeneous mixtures often contain grit and flour, which complicates dispensing. The improved PipeFeeder has a unique new dispensing system that prevents blockages, assuring that cows always receive the right amount of concentrate. Thanks to the new interior mechanism it is now possible to dispense both concentrate pellets and homemade raw materials. The new auger in the mechanism is less likely to cut the pellets, allowing the dispenser to run smoothly with a longer lifespan. The interior mechanism is now also made entirely of stainless steel. The new PipeFeeder dispenses +/- 50 grams per portion and is still anti-spill.


Better milking

Cows that are fed during milking are happy to come into the milking shed and let down their milk better. The PipeFeeder makes a genuine success of concentrate supply to the milking shed. The PipeFeeder provides small portions of feed concentrate with great accuracy throughout the entire milking period. The benefit to you? Quieter, quicker milking with considerably less concentrate fed.





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