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About us

Worldwide the supplier of milking robot and milking parlor parts!


About us

"We are Marte and Anneke van Hastenberg. From Oirschot we run the company The name does not just fall out of the blue. A happy farmer, that is important to us. That is what we stand for. "


For more than 20 years, Marte has visited dairy farms almost daily at home and abroad. He performs various installation and service-oriented activities on milking installations. The direct contact with farmers often raised the demand for dealer-independent robot parts. Setting up a company that could provide this was a challenging step. But was born. He and his wife Anneke have been running this business since 2015.


Anneke has extensive experience in the healthcare sector. After the creation of, it was also time for a new challenge for her. With a lot of energy she started the adventure with Marte. Since then she has been the contact person for the webshop and manages the company with love and pleasure.


The webshop has grown considerably in recent years. In addition to milking robot parts, milking parlor parts and related stable products have also been added to the range. This growth has expanded the team with Melanie and Shanni. In addition to enormous national and international experience, the team has extensive knowledge of a large number of brands. can supply parts for various brands of milking robots and milking machines such as: Lely, DeLaval, Fullwood, Gea, Dairymaster, Sac and Boumatic.

The webshop is distinguished by a brand-independent and extensive range of milking robot parts, milking parlor parts and related stable products. This range does not only consist of simple wear parts, such as liners, hoses and brushes. We are mainly specialized in milking technical parts. Thanks to our technical knowledge and innovative drive, we continue to develop new products.


Which is important to us

Good customer contact comes first with our service. We work on the basis of trust and therefore call ourselves a "warm webshop". The team is happy to think along and looks for possibilities. Our webshop has a current and wide range of parts and supplies for milking robot and milking parlor parts. In addition, we offer technical support by phone or on location if needed. In this way we try to be the best supplier of milking robot and stable parts within dairy farming: a webshop with technical knowledge!


We know no boundaries in our growth. Every day we are working on new developments to improve our products and services. The goal: a happy farmer!


The certainties of

-        Customer oriented

-        Quality

-        Technical Support

-        Innovative

-        Fast delivery

-        The best value for money

-        Dealer-independent parts