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Calf Care

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Calf-bar 2 - 5 working days


Various Calf-bars with 1 compartment   5 teated:   30 liter, incl bracket..


Kalverbars met vakverdeling 2 - 5 working days

Kalverbars met vakverdeling

Various Calf-bars with compartments   3 teated: 16 liter, incl. brackets  &..


Offer: 8 teat compartmentalised feeder

Offer: 8 teat compartmentalised feeder 40 liter, incl. brackets: Was: € 170 NOW: € 136   ..

€170.00 €136.00

Cover for calf-bar 10/12 teats

Cover for the 10 and 12 teats calf-bar   Only suitable for the calf-bar with compartment...


Cover for calf-bar 5 teats

Cover for calf-bar with 5 teats.            ..


Peach Teats universal

This pacifier fits every "standard" grey milkbuckets, for example Hiko  Peach Teats  ..


Calf milk heater / Milk heater

Calf milk heater / Milk heater 230V, 2300Wwith thermostatCalf milk heaterIt is essential that t..


Peach Teats pull-through

Suitable for all types/brands calve bars   Peach Teats     &nbs..


Peach Teats screw

Gap 19mm (3/4").For every calve bar of Stallion.Suitable for all other types/brands calve bars wi..


Topro Colostrum Pure 2 - 3 Days

Topro Colostrum Pure

Topro Colostrum PureColostrum is of vital importance! It is the first nutrition for calves and lambs..


Topro LifeStart Colostrum 2 - 3 Days

Topro LifeStart Colostrum

Topro LifeStart ColostrumColostrum is of vital importance! It is the first nutrition for calves and ..


Calves bottle 4l 2 - 3 Days

Calves bottle 4l

Calves bottle with drinking teat 4 literCalves bottle with teat, capacity 4 l, with 3-stage val..


Calves bottle Gewa 3l 2 - 3 Days

Calves bottle Gewa 3l

Gewa calves bottle with drinking teat 3 literThis large plastic bottle with a capacity of 3 l. ..


Speedy Drencher 2,5ltr

Speedy Drencher Red 2.5 literComplete Speedy Drencher with 48 cm long probe.Ideal length in order ..


Speedy Feeder 2.5ltr

Speedy Feeder Blue 2.5 literSuper Cheap!* The bottle for a complete milk supply to newborn calves...