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Robot arm / Parts

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6 folded-tube

6 folded-tube suitable for Lely milking robot.silicone3.30 meters3 + 3 tubesSuitable for Lely A4 ..


Brush set Lely A3, Lely A4, Lely A5

Set of 2 brushes Suitable for Lely A3, A4 and A5 Corr. Lely 222157Corr. Lely 5.1004.144..


Overhaul kit cord cylinder Lely A2

Overhaul kit for cord cylinder   For Lely A2 milkrobot     HAPPYFARM..


Overhaul kit cordcylinder Lely A3 Lely A4

Overhaul kit for cord cylinder   For Lely A3 and Lely A4 Milk Robot (for Parker 307..


Seal armcylinder x-z-cylinder

Seal for armcylinder For Lely A3 en Lely A4 milkrobotx-cylinder and z-cylinderCorr. Lely A3 9..


Sensor arm cylinder

Sensor arm cylinder   for Lely A3 and Lely A4 milkrobot Corr. Lely A4 9.1138.0549.5..


Brushset Lely A2

Set of 2 brushesSuitable for the Lely A2 milk robot  HAPPYFARMER.NL  •  MILK RO..


Cord cylinder Lely 1 to 2 weeks

Cord cylinder Lely

Cord cylinder Lely  Lely 5.1004.6097.0     HAPPYFARMER.NL  •&nbs..


Filter pulsator A4

Filter pulsator Lely A4 milkrobotCorr. Lely 9.1189.0213.0   HAPPYFARMER.NL  ..


Duplo tube covers

Duplo hose covers   Lely 5.1004.6153.0   HAPPYFARMER.NL  •  MILK ..


Maxx corr. Lely Astri-TDS

Maxx, bottle 1 liter   Cleaner for the TDS-screen of the Lely Milk Robot Corr. Lely ..


Sleeves Lely original

Sleeve red, siliconSet 4 pc OriginalLely 4x 5.9000.1318.0, 5.9000.1318.0 Sleeves are..


Coil pulsator Lely A4

Coil   for pulsator Lely A4 milkrobot Corr. Lely 9.1138.0911.0     ..


Electric motor for brush motor

Electric motor for brush motor   Suitable for Lely A4 and Lely A5 milkrobot Corr. Lely..


Magnet valve (black) Festo

Magnet valve arm Festo   Magnet valve A3 6mm Lely 9.1138.0458.5Magnet valve A3 ..