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Transition management

Staying healthy during the transition period is the start of successful lactation.

The transition period starts from 6 to 8 weeks before calving. Due to the many physiological changes, it is an important and vulnerable period for dairy cattle. A cow that enters the dry period free of problems, and emerges at the end in good health, will have no trouble at all producing many healthy litres of milk.

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Energy Drink

Energy-DrinkRation supplement for quick recovery after calving Glucogenic energy to support the..


Allium Bolus 2 - 5 working days

Allium Bolus

Allium / Garlic Bolus Extra support during the transition periodSupports the immune s..


Calcium Bolus

Calcium-BolusBolus for cattle around calving time to meet calcium requirementsVery fast working bolu..


Dry Bolus 2 - 5 working days

Dry Bolus

Dry BolusMineral bolus for dry cattleVitamins and trace elements released in rumen for 10 weeksSpeci..


Energy Bolus

Energy-BolusBolus to support dairy cattle with a negative energy balanceVery fast working bolusConta..


Phosfor Bolus 2 - 5 working days

Phosfor Bolus

Phosfor BolusBolus intended for cattle around the calving period to meet calcium requirementsVery fa..


Dry-Lix : Mineral Blend 2 - 5 working days

Dry-Lix : Mineral Blend

Dry-LixComplete mineral lick block mixture for cows in the dry period with high levels of trace elem..


Vital-Lix : Mineral Feed 2 - 5 working days

Vital-Lix : Mineral Feed

Vital-LixMineral lick block with high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for ..



Cal-DrenchDrenching product for dairy cattle around calving to meet calcium requirements.Characteris..


CC-Drench 2 - 5 working days


Cal-DrenchDrench product to support resistance.Characteristics:Contains vitamins A, D and E.Contains..


Drench PEQ

Drench PEQ®Full and effective drenching productFor fresh cows or animals with reduced appetite to su..



Nia-DrenchDrenching Product to support dairy cattle with a negative energy balance.Characteristics:C..


Labelvage Drench Gun 2 - 5 working days

Labelvage Drench Gun

Labelvage Drench Gun300mlFor drenching fluidsHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES ..


Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter XL 2 - 5 working days

Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter XL

Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter XL The bolus shooter XL made of stainless steel is suitable for p..


Mastitis Detector