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Young stock management

A good start is half the battle

Cost price and regulations force you to take a critical look at the replacement rate on your farm. Less young stock means decreasing rearing costs and more space for dairy cows. The first months of a calf’s life determine its performance as a heifer. Investing in good rearing pays off in its further career.

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Calbilac F14

Calbilac® F14Dietary feed specially developed to support digestion Combination of organic acids..


Calbilac pH Enhancer

Calbilac® pH EnhancerFor stabilisation of water and electrolyte balanceFor support of physiological ..


Calbilac Vitakalf Essential

Calbilac Vitakalf Essential 5kgDietary supplemental feed for calfs up to the age of 6 months for sta..


Calbilac Vitakalf Premium

Calbilac Vitakalf Premium 5kgDietary food specially designed to provide maximum support to calves in..


Salix Bolus

Salix BolusBolus to support cattle well-beingContains plant extractsEasy to administer without risk ..


Young-Cow Bolus

Young Cow BolusMineral bolus for young cattle and dairy cattleVitamins and trace elements released i..


Dr. Register Drench Gun

Dr. Register Drench Gun300mlFor drenching fluidsHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES  ..


Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter S

Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter SHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES  •  MILKING M..