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Allium Bolus 2 - 5 working days

Allium Bolus

Allium / Garlic Bolus Extra support during the transition periodSupports the immune s..


Calbilac Acid 2 - 5 working days

Calbilac Acid

Calbilac® AcidSupplement for acidfying milk. Calbilac Acid is formulated to bring the milk to the co..


Calbilac F-14 2 - 5 working days

Calbilac F-14

Calbilac® F-14Preventive dietary feed for young calves to support in case of high infectivity levels..


Calbilac pH Enhancer 2 - 5 working days

Calbilac pH Enhancer

Calbilac® pH EnhancerComplementary feed (diet feed) for calves, when there is loss of appetite for d..


Calbilac Vitakalf Essential 2 - 5 working days

Calbilac Vitakalf Essential

Calbilac Vitakalf Essential 5kgDietary supplemental feed for calfs up to the age of 6 months for sta..


Calbilac Vitakalf Premium

Calbilac Vitakalf Premium 5kgVitakalf Premium has been specially developed to give the calf maximum ..


Salix Bolus

Salix BolusBolus to support the welfare of the cows. The Salix Bolus contains very powerful plant ex..


Young-Cow Bolus

Young Cow BolusMineral bolus for young cattle and dairy cattleVitamins and trace elements released i..


Mentho-Lix : Mineral Feed 2 - 5 working days

Mentho-Lix : Mineral Feed

Mentho-LixMineral lick block for calves and goatsCharacteristics: Simple solution for the provi..


Vital-Lix : Mineral Feed 2 - 5 working days

Vital-Lix : Mineral Feed

Vital-LixMineral lick block with high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for ..


CC-Drench 2 - 5 working days


Cal-DrenchDrench product to support resistance.Characteristics:Contains vitamins A, D and E.Contains..


Labelvage Drench Gun 2 - 5 working days

Labelvage Drench Gun

Labelvage Drench Gun300mlFor drenching fluidsHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES ..


Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter S 2 - 5 working days

Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter S

Stainless Steel Bolus Shooter S The stainless steel bolus shooter S is suitable for the Dry bol..