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STARTER KIT AccuMast Mastitis self test

AccuMast® THE POWER OF COLOR Small Package:1x4 AccuMast self test kit art. 9410101x  ..

€208.72 €163.72

Cow Drencher 2 - 5 working days

Cow Drencher

Cow Drencher This professional drencher is available at an affordable price! Ideal for re..

€202.48 €184.50

Gold Mint Standing-/Hanging bottle 1000ml

Gold Mint Standing-/Hanging bottle 1000ml   "The GOLDEN formula". Gold coloured Peppermin..


Maxi Milking Gloves 2 - 5 working days

Maxi Milking Gloves

Sale (only a few sizes available)Maxi Milking Gloves • Disposable gloves• Powder free• Non ster..

€11.36 €10.22

Calf Coat

Calf CoatCalf CoatUse when temperatures go below 10 degrees Celsius. The Kalverdek Calf Coat suppor..

€19.36 €16.46

Print Pulsator Lely A2

Print Pulsator for Lely A2 Corr. Lely A2 5.9000.1130.0     HAPPYFARMER...

€108.40 €95.00


Keypad melkmetingFor Manus + GEA9 pieces availableHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES ..


S-Lina Cylinder

Refurbished S-Lina cylinder for Lely A2 milking robotPrice is at trade-in of old s-lina cylinder. ..


Cover plate, LEFT Lely

Cover plate, LEFT Lely A3 and A4Corr. 5.1103.1266.0     HAPPYFARMER.NL ..

€325.00 €290.00

Duplo hose Lely A2 600mm

Duplo hose Lely A2 600mmfür Lely A2Corr. 5.9700.2005.0     HAPPYFARMER.NL&nb..

€49.56 €37.50

Air intake short milktube

SALEAir intake short milktube black   fits for DeLaval VMS 927989-03   ..


Feeding fence for young cattle

Feeding fence for young cattle3 meters4 openingsIs a NEW feeding fenceHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  ..