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Water- / Air valves

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Detergents pump black

Detergents pump   For Lely A4, Lely A5 milkrobot Pumps: Astri-L Astri-..



Heater for Lely A2 and A3 milk robotWithout cableCorr. Lely A2, A3 9.1185.0023.6  HAPPYFAR..


Jetter body blue

Jetter body blueSuitable for Lely milking robotCorr. 9.1185.0063.4     HAPPYFARME..


Sensor arm cylinder

Sensor arm cylinder   for Lely A3 and Lely A4 milkrobot Corr. Lely A4 9.1138.0549.5..


Water Valve NO with housing Lely

Water valve NO with housing for Lely A2, A3, A4, and A5 milking robot.   ..


Gasket Heater

Heater Gasket for Lely A2 and A3 milk robotCorr. Lely A2, A3 HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..


NC water valve with housing Lely

NC water valve with housing for Lely A2, A3, A4 Corr. Lely 5.1004.6981.0    ..


Robot heater hose Lely

Robot heater hose for Central Unit for Lely milking robot19x27 mmHeat resistance: up to 20 BarS..


Special installation tool Lely

Special installation tool LelyLely 5.1003.9012.0 HAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPP..


Flow Sensor CU Lely

Flow Sensor CU Lely Lely 5.1004.1530.0      HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..


Plug-in coupling - short Festo

Plug-in coupling for Festo magnetvalve block Festo 6mm (short)   Suitable for Lely A3 ..


Push-in coupling (long) Festo

Push-in coupling for Festo magnetvalve block Festo 6mm (long)   Suitable for Lely A3..


Repair-kit milk pump Lely A3

Repair kit milk pump   for Lely A3 milkrobotCorr. Lely 9.1185.0249.1   HAP..


Carbon osmosis filter Pura

Carbon osmosis filter PuraCorr. Lely 9.1185.0263.1     HAPPYF..


Distributor QSLV2-G3/8-10 Lely

Distributor QSLV2-G3/8-10 LelyLely 9.1138.0521.0     HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..


Here you will find a wide range of parts that are suitable for the Lely A2, Lely A3, Lely A4 and Lely A5 milking robot.

In addition to the consumer items, the consumables, we also have, for example, the Busch vacuum pump, compressor, infrared heating, parts for the Lely Discovery manure robot, etc.

And you cannot find what you are looking for? Then contact us. We are happy to see what we can do for you.