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Sleeve cage

Sleeve cage   for the sleeve lely A3 milkrobot     HAPPYFARMER.NL&nbs..


Solenoid Pulsator Black Lely

Solenoid Pulsator Black for Lely A3   Corr. 9.1138.0801.5      ..



Tailpiece   for the sleeve lely A3 milkrobot     HAPPYFARMER.NL ..


Teat cup short Lely

Teat cup shortSuitable for the silicone liners   Lely original 13cm 5.1002.0543.0  ..


Battery Lely Juno feed pusher

Battery suitable for Lely Juno feed pusherOptima Yellow top  HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..


Battery Lely Vector

Battery suitable for Lely Vector automated feeding system.Optima Yellow top  HAPPYFARMER.N..


Compression spring Lely Discovery

Compression spring Lely Discovery 9.1090.0020.0 Corr. Lely Discovery 9.1090.0020.0 &nbs..


Gear large 3/8" Lely Discovery

Gear large 3/8" suiteable for Lely Discovery Corr. Lely 5.4001.0598.0   HAPPYFA..


Metal retaining ring for the bearing housing Lely Discovery

Metal retaining ring for the bearing housing Ø75mm Lely Discovery Corr. Lely Discover..


Seegerring Bearing for the Metal ring Lely Discovery

Seegerring Bearing for the Metal ring Ø 72mm Lely Discovery Corr. Lely Discovery..


Bracket Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Bracket Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot This allows the Varmigo infrared heating to be ea..


Plug thermostat Infra-red heating Lely milkrobot

Extra wireless plug for wireless thermostatFor infrared heating panels Lely milking robot&nb..


Thermostat Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Wireless digital thermostat for infrared heating panels for Lely milkrobot The wireless ..


Diaphragm sealing ring 6.1mm Förster

Diaphragm sealing ring 6.1mm Förster for Förster Calf feederHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABL..


Membran milk valve Förster

Membran milk valve Försterfor Förster Calf feederHAPPYFARMER.NL  •  STABLE SUPPLIES ..