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Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Varmigo infrared heating for milking robot and milking parlor

Keep your Lely milking robot free of frost.

Thanks to the combination of advanced infrared long-wave technology with the best materials, the Varmigo performs better than any other heating method.

Until now, you were always used to thinking in cubic meters, while the infrared heating panels only need to heat your square meters. Here is a phenomenal gain when we are talking about saving energy.

Imagine the question, "Why are these large rooms or halls always so cold"? The answer to this question is simple, until now there was simply no effective way to heat large rooms or halls and if they were already there, mountains of energy and therefore money, had to be put in to get a little heat. to create.

The revolutionary development of the infrared heating panels ensures that this is now a thing of the past.

Safe and CO2 neutral

Due to the absence of open flames, the risks of toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide poisoning) are completely eliminated. This results in safe use and a safe working and / or living environment. These panels are also weatherproof or IP 65.

Because the panels are powered by electricity, and therefore no combustion process is involved, the Varmigo modules are completely CO2 neutral, environmentally friendly and 98% recyclable. The panel is CE-compliant and certified by SGS.

Energy saving

In comparison with gas heaters, the Varmigo panel uses up to 60% less energy. Infrared heating panels heat the objects directly without having to heat the air first. The infrared radiation is absorbed by the objects and then released again (accumulating action), making the effect extra effective.

Within a few minutes, the Varmigo is at operating temperature. You will experience a homogeneous, sensationally heated room, without an orange light effect like with short wave.

The Varmigo feeling

Infrared radiation is absorbed by the body in a very effective way and gives a warm feeling of comfort and improves working conditions.


Varmigo does not heat the air, but the objects and bodies present. So no convection and heat loss. Objects retain their heat longer than air, the great advantage here is that when a door opens, there will be no temperature drop and therefore the temperature will remain more constant and homogeneous. The air remains cool, while you will experience the radiation of the panel as pleasant warmth!



Cold air is much healthier than warm air. Think of a refreshing walk in the cold winter air while the sun is shining!


With Varmigo you can take the sun into your home!

Infrared radiation has a beneficial effect on the human body. It is generally known that this stimulates blood circulation. When the air is not heated there is no air circulation and therefore no dust circulation. Infrared radiation helps you to dry the room and prevents bacterial growth (fungi).

Maintenance free, low assembly costs and flexible reuse.

Natural infrared heating panels do not need maintenance because they do not contain moving parts, burners, filters or fuel lines and no expensive quartz lamps need to be replaced.

Easy installation with the supplied (wall) mounting brackets.

Additional accessories such as a U-bracket, swivel wall mounting or a tripod for moving a module are optionally available. If you want to change your space later, or extend it, or when moving, the modules are easy to move.


These panels are particularly suitable for heating large (high) spaces such as: industrial halls - sports halls - hangars - garages - tents - churches - animal houses - etc.

Also ideal as zone heating in warehouses - patio heating - shops - storage rooms and workspaces where not the entire room needs to be heated up.

Also suitable for frost-free keeping of the milking robot and in the milking parlor for comfortable milking.



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