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STARTER KIT AccuMast Mastitis self test

AccuMast® THE POWER OF COLOR Mastitis self test STARTER KIT4x4 AccuMast self test kit art...

€309.88 €265.00

Bracket Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Bracket Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot This allows the Varmigo infrared heating to be ea..


Cord cylinder Lely

Cord cylinder Lely  Corr. Lely 5.1004.6097.0     HAPPYFARMER.NL ..


Overhaul kit cordcylinder Lely A3 Lely A4

Overhaul kit for cord cylinder   For Lely A3 and Lely A4 Milk Robot (for Parker 307..


Varmigo Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Varmigo infrared heating for milking robot and milking parlor Keep your Lely milking robot free..


Filter sock Lely

Filter sock for Lely   for Lely A2, Lely A3, Lely A4 and Lely A5 milk robot   ..


Overhaul kit cordcylinder + piston rods

Overhaul kit for cord cylinder+ the piston rods   For Lely A3 and Lely A4 Milk Robot ..


Thermostat Infra-red heater Lely milkrobot

Wireless digital thermostat for infrared heating panels for Lely milkrobot The wireless ..


Plug thermostat Infra-red heating Lely milkrobot

Extra wireless plug for wireless thermostatFor infrared heating panels Lely milking robot&nb..


Puls Accumulator controller 1 to 2 weeks

Puls Accumulator controller

For Central Unit   For Lely A4 Milk Robot Ecl. Accumulator (it is possible to order ..


Sleeves Lely

Sleeve red, siliconSet 4 pc OriginalLely 4x 5.9000.1318.0, 5.9000.1318.0 Sleeves are..


Battery Lely Juno feed pusher

Battery suitable for Lely Juno feed pusherOptima Yellow top  HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..


Battery Lely Vector

Battery suitable for Lely Vector automated feeding system.Optima Yellow top  HAPPYFARMER.N..


Filter sock Lely twinfilter

Filter sock Lely twinfilter Twinfilter1135x78mm120 gram100 pcs per package  HAPPYFARM..



MultidosDo you want cows that are more healthy and fit?Look at the possibilities of the Multidos!T..