Boots Techno Boot Classic 2 - 5 working days
Boots Techno Boot ClassicTechnoboot PU boots, classic non-safety version. This green boot is made fr..
Milkhose silicone 20x30mm transparent Per meter to order Price is per meter   O..
Milk Tube Silicon, 16x28mm green Orders per meterPrice per meter Other types and me..
Calf-bar 3-teat 1 compartment  2 - 5 working days
SALE 1 left in stock  Calf-bar 3-teat with 1 compartment (without cover)   ..
€85.00 €50.00
Gold Mint Standing-/Hanging bottle 1000ml   "The GOLDEN formula". Gold coloured Peppermin..
€27.73 €20.80
Electrolytes-Mix 2,5 kg 2 - 5 working days
SALEElectrolytes-Mix 2,5 kg  Supplementary feed (diet feed) for calves, piglets, lambs, g..
€16.93 €15.24
Gearbox / transmissionfor the Lely Discovery manure robot   Lely 9.1184.0091.0 &n..
Solenoid valve Festo control brush motor Fullwood suitable for Fullwood  HAPPYFA..
Sensor for milk collection (new type)   New type of sensor. Same connection G1 / 4 "Easy ..
Legbands from Nedap Nedap leg band of plastic material To order per piecePrice is per piec..
Wearstrip Lely DiscoveryReplacementstrip Lely Discovery   Suitable for Lely Discovery ..
Liner Lely Original, black, rubber   sold per set of 4 pcs.Lely 5.9700.2055.0Do you want..
Legband  suitable for Fullwood pedometer Price is per piece   HAPPYFARMER..
Magnet valve for arm FestoFesto 525135 Suitable for Lely A3 and Lely A4Corr. 9.1138.0467.0 ..
Set of 2 brushes Suitable for Lely A3 and A4 Corr. Lely 222157  HAPPYFARMER.NL ..
Hoof block wood 2 - 5 working days
Hoof block wood Wooden hoof blocks for placing under the healthy claws for cattle.Professional..
New tire 4 ply (injected with gel) with a new rim suitable for the Lely Discovery manure robot&..
Black collar with red stripe Per piece  HAPPYFARMER.NL  •  MILK ROBOT PART..
O-ring Teat cup   Lely 9.1043.0046.3     HAPPYFARMER.NL  • ..