B.Boer boxer shorts BULLQuality underwear for everyone who cares about peasant life!Boer Boer b..
Switch basis 5x 10/100mbPhoenix Contactfor Lely A3, A4 and A5    HAPPYFARMER.NL ..
Transport lid for milking bucket Rubber, Black  Fits 30 liters milking bucketsHAPPYFARMER..
Pest Stop Rat Trap 2 - 5 working days
Pest Stop Rat TrapReusable trap for indoor and outdoor use.Trap is made of galvanized steel, extreme..
Udder sprayer Profi-Jet 2 - 5 working days
Udder sprayer Profi-Jet Excellent qualityBrass interiorInsulated plastic handleRubber protectiv..
Heiniger Xperience Clipper / Shearing Machine Cattle Horse***Now with free Heiniger Set blades art: ..
Heiniger Xplorer Clipper / Shearing Machine Cattle Cordless with 2 batteries***Now with free Heinige..
Lubricant / Oil for Mini milker1 liter HAPPYFARMER.NL  • MILK ROBOT PARTS  •  S..
White Grease 30ml White grease for metal/metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements...
Milk hose silicone transparent blue for Fullwood12x21mmprijs per meter(roll = 20 meter)  H..
New tire 6ply (injected with gel) with a new rim. suitable for the Lely Discovery manure robot&..
Wearstrip Lely DiscoveryReplacementstrip Lely Discovery   Suitable for Lely Discovery ..
Liner HappyLiner FL-0021 suitable for Lely milking robot.Rubber Liner.Fits in the long shells of Lel..
Sleeve red, siliconSet 4 pc Suitable forCorr. Lely 4x 5.9000.1318.0, 5.9000.1318.0 S..
6 folded-tube suitable for Lely milking robot.silicone3.30 meters3 + 3 tubesSuitable for Lely A4 ..
Ironside Socket Set 22 piece 1/2 " 2 - 5 working days
Socket Set 22 piece with 1/2 " connection in a strong caseContents:1 ratchet quick release 45 teeth...
Set of 2 brushes Suitable for Lely A3, A4 and A5 Corr. Lely 222157Corr. Lely 5.1004.144..
AccuMast® THE POWER OF COLOR Small Package:1x4 AccuMast self test kit art. 9410101x  ..
€208.72 €163.72
Replacement cow brush for Lely LunaCorr. Lely 5.4101.0490.0  Includes mounting block.HAPPY..
Replacement cow brush for DeLavalCorr. DeLaval 915262-42 / DeLaval 91526242HAPPYFARME..